Aldinga – Is this Australia’s best fish & chips?


Stop looking! I found it! Aldinga Bay Seafood is Australia’s best fish and chip shop.

Now I know that this statement is bound to raise a few hackles, start the odd spirited debate and cause some impassioned arguments but sorry everyone else is wrong. This is it.

For anybody who wants to argue with me I have two words – scallop pie.

And for anybody who is still talking I have another four words – creamy garlic prawn pie.


If anyone still wants to argue they better be prepared for a crying woman because if I spend too long thinking about those pies and how far I would have to drive to get one I’ll become a blubbering mess. You see Aldinga is a little over 700kms from my house. It’s a bit far to go for take-away after work.

After an excessively eventful 12-hour drive from Geelong (it should have taken 8) we fell into Aldinga Seafood starving but unable to pick from their huge menu. So of course we over ordered.  I ended up with 2 prawn skewers, 2 crumbed scallops and a baked potato. Ben had a scallop pie (which he let me have one bite of) and a chicken burger.  They accidently put a veggie burger into our bag too which I didn’t discover until we were back at our camping spot. So I devoured that as well. I hope it wasn’t a staff member’s dinner.

For the rest of our week in South Australia we talked about going back and on our last night made a return visit.  I had to be sure that it wasn’t just my hungry and exhausted state that made me think that it was the best fish and chip shop on the continent.

On our return visit I wasn’t really hungry and but in the interests of proper research I still ordered a creamy garlic prawn pie, a prawn skewer, a piece of grilled fish and a Greek salad.  And I ate all of it.

The next morning we drove home and now I am a minimum of 8 hours away from those pies.  The only thing that keeps me sane is my resolve to make an annual pilgrimage to Aldinga for a scallop pie, a prawn pie and a few crumbed scallops. And a prawn skewer…   And maybe a baked potato.  I better get a salad as well.


Aldinga Bay Seafood.

15 Old Coach Rd, Aldinga, SA, 5173

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  1. Thank you for your kind words Bianca .. As the creators of Aldinga Bay Seafoods it was very exciting to read your review.. We have worked very hard to produce & deliver our product to the highest standards possible .. We’re glad you enjoyed your experience it makes all the hard work & long days worth it.. THANKYOU once again 🙂

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