Bali – Releasing a curious turtle in Pemuteran

Proyek Penyu Turtle Hatchery

At some point you have to ask yourself the hard questions like,

“Why do kids get to have all the fun?”

This kid was on a beach in Pemuteran, northern Bali, releasing a turtle into the wild. He was looking wistful as the turtle took it’s first flippery steps towards certain death, I mean freedom.

Proyek Penyu Turtle Hatchery

And I thought, “Hey I want that look in my eyes.” Then I thought “I bet that kid didn’t even pay for that turtle. I bet he’s freeloaded that turtle from his parents”.

At Proyek Penyu Turtle Hatchery you can release a turtle hatchling into the ocean for a small donation of 100,000 rupiah. That’s only $10AUD to give a turtle a 1% chance of reaching sexual maturity in the wild. So because we love gambling we paid our money and picked a turtle out of the tanks.

We named our turtle Curious because we hoped it would have an adventurous spirit and be open to new experiences.


Project Penyu - The Turtle Project


And because we are childish. We giggled a lot while releasing our curious turtle into the ocean.

Pemuteran North Bali


The kid’s turtle dillydallied on the beach for quite a while before it ventured off into the sea. Ours was away with the first wave which, frankly, was disappointing. I really wanted the feel good, saving the world buzz that I paid for to linger a little longer.
Maybe it was the way I was squeezing it so tight. I was just a little worried that I was going to drop it before we got to the ocean. It probably figured that it had a better chance in the wild than with unco me.

Proyek Penyu Turtle Hatchery

Ben chased it around in the water with the GoPro for a while and by then Curious was probably thinking get me away from these dangerous humans.

Proyek Penyu Turtle Hatchery

Don’t google ‘what eats baby turtles’ if you have just released a baby turtle in the wild. Turns out pretty much everything wants to eat baby turtles.

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