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In Asia a restaurant is never just a restaurant. A chat with the waiter leads to an offer of help. A tour can always be booked, a suit sewed or accommodation arranged. There is always a brother-in-law, a sister or a cousin who can fix you up for what ever you need.


This is what I think about while I look at the guitars displayed on the wall at Café Boonchoo.  I’ve already had a look at the small display of locally made pasta sauces at the front counter and I’m about to order a Thai meal but more than one need can be satisfied in this café, coffee shop, guitar store and or specialty food store.

Boonchoo was a surprise find.  It was hiding in the back streets of Bell Post Hill in suburban Geelong, in a spot that you would never just stumble across by accident.    

It took 3 trips to Boonchoo to get the photos for this blog. The first few dishes would come out and so would my iPhone. I’d take a photo then start eating, but I’d be so distracted by the food that my phone would be forgotten on the table.   Thank goodness Boonchoo isn’t actually in Thailand. This blog post would have cost me a fortune.

Firm favourites after just a couple of visits include the flaky roti bread with satay dipping sauce, the creamy Choo Chee curry with prawns, flecked with shreds of kaffir lime leaves and the beef larb with crunchy toasted rice which I always order hot.   



But it is the totally unique chicken, pumpkin and egg stir-fry that keeps us coming back.  The odd combination caught our attention on our first visit and John the owner assured us, with a smile, that his wife would not be happy with having to cook it.  Turns out she hates cutting up the pumpkin.  But it is worth incurring the jovial wrath of the chef to taste this dish.
Of course it disappears so quickly off the plate that I’m yet to capture a photo of it.


Café Boonchoo
16 Beauford Ave
Bell Post Hill 

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