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Ten pin bowling has long been my activity of choice on those very rare occasions when I decide that I’m consuming excessive amounts of fermented beverages.  I thought it was the perfect pursuit, filling in the time and keeping my hands busy on a Saturday night out sans alcohol.
But it turns out that the bowling alley in Belmont has a bar. I’m going to need some help to come up with a new, health conscious and social acceptable leisure interest for a childless thirty something year old on a weekend.
Anyway less about my wayward lifestyle choices and more about the bowling. 
I’m not a great bowler.  I’ve got a strange style where I sort of flick the ball off my hand backwards, without fail breaking my thumbnail in the process. It looks impressive if seen as a one off because it produces backspin but watch me bowl a few frames and it quickly becomes obvious that I just can’t bowl a ball underarm like a normal person. 
My unique technique does however produce the odd strike.  Of course these are celebrated with high fives around.  I have to take my sporting achievements where I find them and make the most of it.
Of course there is more to bowling then, well, bowling. Going to the bowling alley is a trip back to your childhood especially if you grew up in the 1980’s.  Ghastly clashing colours, bad shoes and being mocked for your lack of hand eye coordination. Ok that last bit was just me.
Dinner was fried potato every way. Fake wood dishes, just like the ones mum used for salads the early 80’s were filled to the brim with potato cakes, chips, wedges and the king of fried potato, the excessively processed potato gem.  In the interest of a balanced diet deep fried dim sims also made an appearance. 
Then the lights when down, the mirror ball started its slow rotation and suddenly it was disco bowling.  Once again not a good omen for the not drinking thing. I switched from beer to wine… bad move.
At some point in the evening I must been distracted and swapped to an activity that I am good at, taking arty photos with my beloved DSLR.  I know this because I found them on my camera a few days later.
New suggestions for alcohol free weekend activities would be greatly appreciated.

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