Drysdale – Cheese update

The mould when it first started to grow.
It took longer than expected and it doesn’t look exactly as anticipated but finally my cheeses have matured. And they were ready in time to share at Christmas.   
According to the instructions the cheeses would be ready to eat after 4 weeks in the fridge however when I tried it at this stage it had none of the creamy texture associated with Brie. The flavour was there but the texture was crumbly, more like a Danish feta than a soft cheese. 
Now they have softened, although they are still not creamy the whole way through. The white mould skin that is the mark of a Brie cheese has also not developed evenly but rather they have bits of skin here and there so they look a bit peculiar. I am going to need to find out where I went wrong with this. 
But the taste is magnificent.  When left to come to room temperature it has so much more depth than a mass-produced supermarket cheese.  I can understand why the instructor at the course said that it is difficult to go back to store bought cheeses after making your own cheese.
The Brie just before it was wrapped and put in the fridge.
So would I make it again? 
I would. It was a lot of effort but I enjoy cooking and the process was not complicated, just time consuming.  Most importantly the end result is ultra impressive and I’m a sucker for praise and compliments. 
The patchy end result but it is still tasty!

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