Echuca – Riverboats Music Festival 2013

Sometimes when an event is brilliant you don’t want to let everyone in on the secret, lest it becomes too popular.
Lucky for me I can write about the Riverboats Music Festival in Echuca with abandon because the only people who read my blog are few friends and people searching for photos of giraffes.  Yep I held the number one spot on Google images for ‘giraffe’ for a few weeks there.
I’m a veteran of the Riverboats Music Festival.  Ok, so this was the second one but I’ve booked my caravan spot for next year so I’m committed to the cause.



On the Friday night Joe Camilleri rocked the crowd.  His use of the moniker ‘The Black Sorrows’ does seem to be a little liberal. With this billing you’re never quite sure who you are going to get singing back up.  I would have sworn, if not for the power of smart phones (no question ever goes debated and unanswered for long anymore), that half his set was covers. But it just turns out that a lot of his songs are very familiar. I just never realised who sang them. 
On Saturday morning, in the caravan park swimming pool, it was time to start work on our interpretive dance number.  A tradition of the festival, James Reyne 80’s hit Reckless was chosen as the song to get the special treatment.  But more about that later.
We made it to the Riverboat Music Festival on Saturday afternoon just in time to hear Gossling utter the last few notes of the last song of her set.  I hate it when that happens.  But hey when you have to pass two pubs between the caravan park and the festival there are bound to be a few musical casualties.


The sunlight must be good for Tim Rogers’ mood because he managed to play a whole set without seeming like a wanker. And he did this in a white suit with his shirt unbuttoned enough to reveal his tattooed chest and a matching white cowboy hat so it was quite an achievement.  However he didn’t play Jaimme’s Got A Gal so I was never going to be that impressed.   



Next up was Clare Bowditch who spent about an hour proving that I only tease redheads so much because I so want to be that beautiful.



James Reyne came on stage as the sun was setting. It wasn’t until he introduced his song Hammerhead with, ‘This is a song about a shark’ that I realised this could have been a better choice for interpretive dance.  
But all of my doubts were washed away when I saw strangers joining in on the Reckless dance. They struggled with the ‘throw down your guns’ move not having the benefit of a morning swimming pool rehearsal session but everyone seem to pick up on the ‘reckless’ move quite well.


Clairy Browne & The Bangin’ Rackettes were a much better choice for the last band of the evening than ‘Australia’s best soul, funk, blah, blah,blah’ from last year.
Once again on the Sunday I failed to make it down to the park in time to see the first act. This time I blame the bakery and its ridiculously large selection of pies, rolls and sweets. 
I found a spot on the grass and watched the gum trees sway to the sounds of Archie Roach.



Then when Pete Murray came on I made my way to the front of the stage for a perve. It was worth it. That man is buff.  And he can sing a bit too.



There was no security at the front of the stage so I crept up to take a few close up photos.  About 20 kids had snuck in too and were sitting on the grass, in front of the wooden picket fence that separated the adult crowd from the buff man playing guitar.
No one moved me on as I took turns with the other punters taking photos and playing at being a rock star photographer. And no one moved on the kids that sat and played in front of the stage while the headline act played.
That’s just the type of festival Riverboats is. So don’t tell anyone else about it.    

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