Echuca – The Riverboat Music Festival

Ryan Meeking watched by civilised festival goers
I’m a bit behind in my blogging. This festival took place way back in February but with the days now getting shorter and cooler it was nice to reminisce about this summer weekend away.
The Riverboat Music Festival was held in Echuca, in parkland next to the mighty Murray on the edge of town and an amusing stumble from our campground on the New South Wales side of the river.  It had a laid back feel that, after a squandered youth spent moshing at Big Days Out, I thoroughly enjoyed.
The Saturday was a sweltering day.  We somehow nabbed one of the tables on the hill with an uninterrupted view over the crowd to the stage and set about collecting up enough chairs for our large group. We then settled in for a pleasant afternoon of live music.   It was one of the most refined live music events that I have ever attended.
The Riverboat Music Festival was so civilised that we drank sauvignon blanc which they sold to us in glass bottles although they did give us plastic glasses.  Some festival goers were even organised enough to bring platters brimming with strawberries, brie and crackers.  As the wine and sun combined throughout the afternoon it became harder and harder to resist these platters.  Many a plot was hatched to distract or befriend the platter bringers and steal their cheese.
But lucky for them our men folk came through bringing armfuls of pizzas through the gates and to our hilltop table.
Of course there was music as well…
The first act we caught was Ryan Meeking who I had never heard of but was glad that I heard.
Lanie Lane oozed femininity and made me wish that I was more ladylike and could grow bangs.
Lanie Lane
As the sun went down the festival took on a less cultured vibe. It’s impossible to maintain a veil of civility when a crowd is screaming along with Mark Seymour as he sings ‘You don’t make me feel… like I’m a woman anymore’.
Mark Seymour
The final band of the night were billed in the program as ‘Australia’s greatest modern funk and soul band’ with the disclaimer, ‘generally acknowledged’.  Now I don’t know much about modern funk and soul but we did come up with a list of 100 Australian bands that we would rather see live… including ‘The Wiggles’.
Me being arty after a few too many sav blancs

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