Europe – Yellow Red White Green Blue – Capture the Colour Competition

Thanks to Tash over at Jouljet for nominating me for the Travel Supermarket Capture The Colour competition.  I’ve gone through my pics from my recent trip to Europe and selected my favourites to represent each colour.





In July we followed the Tour de France through the French countryside.  Here’s a tip; if you are actually interested in the cycling don’t follow Le Tour in person.  It was virtually impossible to get news about the race in English. By the time we caught up with the race in Montpellier we knew that the Australian team, Green Edge, were holding the yellow jersey but we didn’t really know the details of how it had happened. Even siting by the finish line for 4 hours didn’t enlighten us (however by the end of the day I knew a lot about French beers and Norway).  But somehow we managed to sneak into the VIP area for the jersey ceremonies and I managed to take this pic of Daryl Impey in the maillot jaune.  Although he is not actually Australian I’m awfully glad that Green Edge adopted him.




So I’m sure everyone but me had heard of Spanish hanging tomatoes; the overripe tomatoes that are rubbed onto stale bread to give it a new life.  They are kind of like the butter of Spain.  I love tomatoes, I love bread and coupled together (with a little rub of garlic as well) was an epicurean revelation.




This pic was one of my weekly photos last month.  I was so fascinated by the white swans of Europe.  Seeing them floating on the canals of Brugge made me think of my history lecturer at uni explaining how the first Europeans who came to Australia found the fauna so bizarre, as if the world was topsy-turvy, because in Australia the swans are black.




Seeing Le Tour in the French Alps was spectacular.  We were disappointed that we missed out on a spot on Alpe d’Heuz but the upside was that we made it to the Col du Glandon early and snagged a flat parking spot right on the summit.  I took this photo in the morning before the caravan and the riders came through.




I have used another pic from this hot air ballooning trip over Dordogne for a weekly photo but as I’m sure you can imagine I’ve got plenty of pics from this adventure to choose from.

I took this pic while the balloons were being filled with hot air.



The photo I really wanted to use (but didn’t) 


I was very tempted to use this pic for ‘blue’ (or maybe red, would it have really mattered?) but I kept my integrity and went for an arty shot instead…




(I’ve just read the T&A and realised that this competition ends tomorrow so I’m not nominating any other bloggers. It’s been enough of a stress for me to get my pics together and let’s face it, if you liked working to deadlines, you wouldn’t be a travel blogger)


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