Everywhere – 7 Super Shots

I am taking part in HostelBookers 7 Super Shots  – 7 photos corresponding to 7 themes.
Some of the following photos are within a day jaunt but I couldn’t help myself so I have included a few from overseas as well.
                A photo that…takes my breath away
Stage 5 of the Tour Down Under – Willunga, Australia
This was the first hill climb finish in the Tour Down Under’s history.  The competitors rode up the main street of Willunga 5 times and to the top of Old Willunga Hill Road twice.  It was a tough slog just walking up the hill to find a good position to watch the riders from let alone riding up the hill multiple times. The pain was well and truly showing on the faces of the riders by the last two laps.
                A photo that…makes me laugh or smile
Captaining the Pride of the Murray Paddle Wheeler – Echuca, Australia  
Last weekend we went to Echuca for the Riverboat Music Festival. On Sunday we bought a captain’s hat for $10 in one of the tacky gift shops and took a trip on The Pride of the Murray Paddle Wheeler. When they announced that passengers could steer the boat we were the first to line up. Then we spotted all of the parents with kids behind us. We sheepishly stepped aside and let them go first.   


                A photo that…makes me dream
Man walking cow – Koh Rong, Cambodia
This photo doesn’t so much make me dream as much as I thought that I was dreaming when I looked out from the balcony of my bamboo hut and saw this man walking his cow along the beach.  He made the trek along the beach, faithfully followed by his dogs every morning and then back every evening.
                A photo that…makes me think
The Geelong Peace Memorial –Geelong, Australia
I was at the Geelong Night Market a few weeks ago when a man approached me. I was sure that he was going to try to sell me something and I got ready to rebuff him when he said, ‘Do you know what this building is?’ I thought it was part of the Geelong Gallery but I was wrong.
‘This is the Geelong Peace Memorial. It’s rarely open to the public but is it tonight. Would you like to take a look?’ he asked.  
Completed in 1922 it is a stunning and sombre room lined with the names of the fallen from both World Wars.  The names are in alphabetical order and all too often a surname is repeated, signifying a family’s numerous losses. 
                A photo that…makes my mouth water
Tasting platter at The German Inn – Hahndorf, Australia
I hate pulling out my DSLR in a restaurant to take a photo of my meal, which is why I’m so glad that I have a new iPhone. It takes surprisingly good photos and is a lot more devious than a full size camera. This photo I ran through the ‘plastic’ function on the CameraBag app.
We decided on the platter at the German Inn in Hahndorf South Australia because we wanted to save room for a feast of kransky and potato salad for dinner. I especially enjoyed the pate in the glass jar and it was nice to try pickled eggs, something that you don’t see on a menu everyday.
                A photo that…tells a story
Fish Drying in the Sun – Hoi An, Vietnam
This photo tells a story that is coming to its end.  I took this shot on a photo tour in the central Vietnam town of Hoi An. This village is across the river from the main town and when we arrived at dawn the locals were unloading the fish caught overnight from their boats.  Our tour guide spoke to us about the rate of development around Hoi An.  The village had been earmarked for a golf resort development.  Some time in the near future this village, and this way of life will no longer exist.
                A photo that…I am most proud of (aka my worthy of National Geographic shot)
Carvings at Bayon Temple – Siem Reap, Cambodia
This is my favourite photo from my trip to Cambodia in July 2011.  It was taken at the Bayon Temple as our guide described the stories carved into the walls of the temple. It’s one of those rare photos that turned out exactly as I wanted it too.

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