Everywhere – A photo a day in May

A photo a day in May. Bahahahah. It didn’t happen.  But here is what did happen…

I made myself a promise at the start of the month to carry my new camera around with me everywhere.  I needed to learn how to use it, get comfortable with the different settings and button placements so that I’m as proficient as I was with my old camera before our trip to Bali in July.


Cormorant Sorrento
Cormorant drying its wings on a pier in Sorrento, Victoria


Of course the beginning always goes well.  On the 1st of May I found myself in Torquay for work so took some pics at the beach.


Torquay Back Beach
Torquay Back Beach


Torquay Front Beach
Torquay Front Beach


2nd of May – Baby cormorants! Fluffy, white chicks just waiting to be photographed and because I was carrying my camera with me everywhere I could. Setting myself this challenge was a great idea!


Baby Cormorants
Baby cormorants on the Barwon River, Geelong


3rd, 4th, 5th of May – Work camp.  So many photo ops in Queenscliff and Sorrento including Jan the Bellarine’s most photogenic cat.



Jan the cat
Jan the photogenic cat


Point Lonsdale
Point Lonsdale


Queenscliff Sorrento Ferry
Queenscliff Sorrento Ferry


6th and 7th of May – Recovering from working 3 days straight, not sure I left the house, there’s no photographic evidence of anything happening over this weekend.

8th May – Ok started making an effort again.  Went to Balyang Sanctuary to take photos of ducks.


Balyang Sanctuary
Go duck, you can do it! Balyang Sanctuary


9th May – Starting to get sick so I didn’t do anything

10th May – Go to the doctor because I’m feeling worse and am diagnosed with hand foot and mouth disease.  Sleep for the next few days in between watching Netflix and feeling guilty for not taking photos.

14th May – Feeling alive enough to make it into the back yard to take a total of 11 photos. None of them particularly interesting.


Best I could do…


15th to 19th of May – Totally lost my mojo and at one point my eye sight when I got a migraine.  Not ideal for photography.

20th May – Cambodia Winery Tour fundraising day! Took lots of pics at the start of the day, got distracted by wine, forgot to take pics at the end of the day.


bellarine peninsula
View from Terindah Estate – Bellarine Peninsula


bellarine peninsula
Bennett’s Winery – Bellarine Peninsula


21st May – Left the house to go through Maccas drive through. Not photo worthy

22nd May – Baby cormrants are out of the nest but still a little bit fluffy. Plus this person poses for me on the Barwon River in the fog.


Cormorants Barwon River
That light flaring in the top left corner. I totally did that on purpose.


Barwon River
Thanks random rower – Barwon River


23rd to 25th – I don’t know, I can’t even come up with a good excuse for not taking any pics in this period.  It might have been that my camera bag didn’t go with my outfit.


26th – I made the tip look pretty.

The tip, soon to be a former tip between Corio and Avalon

Then I got lazy again and stayed that way for the rest of the month. Hopefully I’ve done enough to be able to do Bali justice in July.


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