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When I was a kid I had a Honda mini-bike*.  It was red and shiny and because it was made in the 1970’s (like me) it had funky retro styling (unlike me).  Well actually when I was riding it around as a kid in the 80’s it probably wasn’t retro, it would have just been old.  But in my memory now it’s so retro.

Dad used to bring it when we went on holidays to a friend’s farm and I’d spend my days riding around the paddocks.  Of course through my teens I wasn’t so keen on taking trips with my family and my mini-bike was resigned to a spot in the back of Dad’s bursting shed.

Then I found out that Dad had given MY MINIBIKE away. To strangers!  Well they weren’t strangers to Dad, they were his friends but I didn’t know them so I couldn’t go over to their house and get it back.

So I did the next best thing.  I got my motorcycle learner’s permit.




Of course once I’d agreed to get my motorbike learner’s Ben was onto it and we were booked in at Stay Upright the next weekend.

Because we had no recent experience riding motorbikes we did the two-day course and were taught everything we needed to know to start out on our motor biking journey. Well everything that is up to 2nd gear.  The course is taught on a large asphalted surface but it’s not large enough to really pick up speed.

The first day was spent learning the basics from changing gears to braking and what the funny little switch on the side of the fuel tank does (it’s for the reserve tank). We also did the written portion of the testing.




The next day we focused on the practical assessment.  We spent the morning going through the different elements of the test.  I was the only one in the class to nail the ‘slow ride’ but then I was also the only female in the class so maybe that isn’t so surprising.  The part that I struggled the most with was staying within the lines of the tight turn. And remembering to put my indicator on.

Now I’ve got until December to get enough practice in to go for my full licence.

I’ve bought myself a new red Honda, a CB125. Its round headlight looks a little retro. A few weekends ago Ben and I rode our motorbikes down to Torquay to see a lady about a tattoo.  Yep I am that flipping cool.

I’ve hinted to Dad that maybe he should pay for my replacement motorbike but even though he thought it was a good idea to teach me to ride one at age 9 (and drive a car) he doesn’t seem too keen on my riding one now on the roads.  He keeps pretending he can’t hear me when I mention how much 1970’s Honda mini-bikes are on Ebay.

*my sister Kerri is going to say that it was hers but she’s lying. I rode it last so I had dibs on it.


Yes, my motorbike is in the lounge room.

4 thoughts on “Everywhere – My Motorbike”

  1. It was mine !!! & I was gutted when I found out dad had given it away. I wanted it for my kids 🙁
    Your new one is so much nicer anyway. Maybe I should get my learners again.
    X K

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