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I considered writing this post earlier in the week. Then I thought just let it go; move on, I’m not going to let it get to me.  But then I got an email…
This is the feedback that I just provided on the Myki website. Let’s see if I get a reply.
Today I received an email telling me that my Myki card was due to expire on the 6th of Jan.
It was actually already expired when I attempted to use it to board a tram on the 29th of December. I then had to travel to Flinders Street Station and ask for assistance. I was told that I would have to go to Southern Cross Station to get a new card.
At Southern Cross Station I was told to fill out a form.  When I had done this I was then told that it was the wrong form and was told to fill out another form.
 I was then given a new Myki but I was told that it would take a week for my previous balance to transfer onto my new Myki. So I had to top up my new Myki.
It would have quicker and easier to steal a car than attempt to use Melbourne’s new public transport ticketing system.
The first and wrong form that I filled out
Yep my Myki card expired on the first day that it became the only way to legally travel on Melbourne’s public transport system.
I remember fondly my first trip to Singapore. Public transport there also requires you to use a smart card ticketing system.  The key difference is however that it works.  It’s also simple for tourists to use. It was expensive to buy a tourist pass but a major part of that cost was a deposit for the card, refundable when it was returned to the station at the end of our stay.
The cards were easily read by the turnstiles at the train stations to the point where we watched locals simply tapping their wallets or handbags against the reader to open the gate.
So why didn’t we just buy Singapore’s system? A system that we already knew worked! 

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  1. The London Oyster system is super easy too, like you describe the Singapore one. Hopefully Melbourne will get it right soon!
    But tapping on the side of the gate is just awkward, and not workable! Clearly not tested by people who would use it, before the decision was made!
    Tash recently posted…A Year Of Travel – It’s Possible!My Profile

    1. There were so many working systems, with all the bugs ironed out, that could have been used. There was no need to reinvent the wheel (and make it square!)
      At least if I train up from Geelong I can use my Vline ticket.

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