Everywhere – Roadside produce stalls are restoring my faith in humanity

Honesty; the modern world is often reproached for its lack of this fundamental quality. Rightly or wrongly we just don’t trust each other.  But if you are feeling like the world is a cold, hard place there is somewhere you can find a little bit of faith, a smidgen of hope and dose of optimism.  Roadside produce stalls on country roads.  Fresh produce abundantly displayed, not a shopkeeper in sight and that little wooden box with a slit in the top for not only your coins but your belief in humankind.
The honest box doesn’t really exist outside of the country.  It’s often tried in offices for chocolates and lollies. Some newspapers are sold this way. Schools try it for fundraising drives. But unsurprisingly the honesty system is ditched after the same person keeps chipping in the shortfall that inevitably arises. But at a roadside stall it’s possible that the honesty box works in the seller favour.
The honesty box and its inherent lack of change giving ability does encourage over buying. Once the emergency parking meter money in the ashtray has been exhausted its time to move onto notes. Just how many pumpkins do you really need? If all the cash you have left is a $20 note then the answer is $20 worth.  And at the bargain basement prices of these roadside stalls that’s a lot of pumpkin.
Arriving home with multiple pumpkins, bags of garlic and plums it is now time to creatively use all of this economically priced produce before it spoils.  I can only eat so much pumpkin soup!

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