Everywhere – Spring

We have already had a few teasers.  Days when the temperature has inched above 20 and leaving the house without a scarf, jacket and umbrella has not seemed like the actions of a certifiably crazy person.  We have felt that warm winding blowing from the north laced with that unidentifiable aroma of spring.  But these balmy days haven’t lasted long. A few days at the most before the wind changes direction and that blast straight from the arctic comes straight back at us.
But the plum trees that line the streets of suburbia have already started to flower and sprinkle pink pedals over the nature strip.  Bulbs are for sale at Bunnings.  Soon young men on building sites will be working topless.  Ah spring! It is a time for contented smiles.  
Ok so this post was really an excuse for taking extra close up photos with my macro lens attachment and posting them with the hope of garnering complements on my photographic abilities.  Here they are along with a few shots of other pot plants I haven’t yet killed in the backyard.
And if I could put in a weather request I’d like to order an in between summer.  Hot enough to go swimming, not so hot that there are uncontrollable bushfires. Wet enough to keep the lawn alive, not so wet that people have to spend months cleaning stinking mud from their homes.

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