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A new word recent entered my vernacular; Caravention.  A traditional intervention is held to discuss the harmful behaviours someone close to you is engaging in.  A caravention is held when someone’s caravan renovations are going overboard.  I fear that the day that I have to hold a caravention is drawing nearer.
For a few years now a campervan trip around France during the Tour De France has been on the agenda.  The much planned and often altered trip will take place in July of 2013. But all this talk of living on the road made Ben start looking for a van for home.



I argued that we couldn’t afford it, should be saving for France, blah blah blah (I’m sure that’s all he heard) but eventually I relented and we became the proud owners of a 1978 Viscount Poptop Caravan.
Not one to be without a handyman project for long Ben set about customising the van.  This is the result.


Ben is obsessed with watching shows like Pimp My Ride and its ridiculous spin off, Trick My Truck.  The influence of these shows can be seen in the renovation.
Yep the man is much better at coordinating colours than I could ever hope to be.
I’m just glad that he hasn’t installed wicked subwoofers under the bed.  He does have plans for a TV / DVD set up however.
So for its first spin we took it we took the van to the seaside town of Portarlington, a massive 30 minutes drive from home, in case we forgot anything.



Ben put the finishing touches on the van while we were there.  It’s been a long time since we spent time in a caravan park and I had forgotten all about the inquisitiveness of grey nomads.  I returned to the van to find a group of old men watching Ben as he put the checkerboard wheel covers in place.
So the idea of Day Jaunts was day trips but now the boundaries of Day Jaunts can be expanded with Van Jaunts and a few trips a little further afield.

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