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I’d heard whispers about a ‘dessert bar’ hidden down an alley way, off a pedestrian mall. Open for only a few hours a night and only on a few nights of the week.  But while the idea sounds oh so Melbourne Armageddon Cake is actually located in Geelong.
The massive shopping centre conglomerates along with the local council’s ridiculous parking fees have sucked the life out of Geelong’s street strip shopping with bare shop fronts becoming the norm.  It takes something unique to drag the public out of the climate controlled monoliths.
Mind you on the evening that I visited Armageddon I would have appreciated some climate control. The heavens had opened and it was a soggy walk from the car to the dessert bar.  But all was forgotten when I stepped inside and found a room furnished with salvaged items and interesting titbits everywhere I looked.
Where as a café that is open all day might struggle Armageddon Cakes has cottoned onto a niche of evening sweet tooths. It’s open only between the hours of 8 and 11, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.
There are two things that I truly miss now that I no longer work in central Geelong. The first is a coffee at Cocoa Tree café and a sneaky ‘evil brownie’ made by the owner Zoe.  It was a welcome reprieve to saunter from the office up James Street and vent to Zoe as she frothed milk.  The second is a Friday 5 past 5 beer at Beav’s Bar but I digress.
I was over the moon when I was told that Zoe provides the brownies on the menu at Armageddon. So we ordered one with raspberries, a wedge of lemon meringue pie and a slice of red velvet cake. While they were all delectable the brownie well and truly took the cake (sorry couldn’t help myself).
We were seated in a tiny booth at the back of the room with a red velvet curtain, an old school television set, a red chandler, fairy lights, artwork on every wall, a knitted darlek toy and a small rabbit covered with what appeared to be artificial grass.   All the trimmings of a funky bar but without the cocktails.
I must admit that most of my extracurricular activities involve an alcoholic beverage or two but it is nice to find somewhere to go in the evening where it’s not a temptation. I just have to battle another temptation; Zoe’s evil brownie.

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