Geelong – Black Bull Restaurant and the art of fitting in churros.

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I don’t like to gloat* but I’ll be in Spain soon.  I’ll be spending a few days in Costa Brava and Barcelona as part of a month long campervanning jaunt around Europe.  So I thought I better practice.  No, I don’t speak Spanish or Catalan.  I thought I’d better practice eating the food. After all that’s what I’m going there for.

It may not have been the ideal evening to go to Black Bull to practise eating tapas.  It was bitterly cold and I’m expecting sunny 30 plus degree days when I’m in Spain.  This influenced the dishes that were chosen.  Another influence was my friend Malee who loves this restaurant so she pretty much did the ordering for us.


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For starters Malee insisted that we order 2 serves (4 pieces) of the Panza de Cerdo con repollo.  Translation, pork belly with pickled cabbage.  You see Malee insisted that she would not be sharing the pork belly and once we tried it we wouldn’t be happy about sharing either. She was right.  The uniform squares of crispy topped pork were moist and flavoursome and it really would have been difficult, as well as quite depressing, to portion them out again.


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We also shared Esparragos con huevo (asparagus with poached egg and parmesan) and eggplant fritters with tomato alioli.  The eggplant chips tasted amazing but I think they should be lifted from their lowly spot in the ‘sides’ section of the menu and christened with a Spanish name.


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So thanks to Google translate I’ve come up with this… Berenjena frita acompañada de tomate alioli.    That sounds much fancier and now (provided the translation is correct) I know what to look for on a menu in Barcelona.


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Malee declared that she also would not share the guiso de carne con chirivia, (slow cooked beer cheek) either and her vivid description sold another friend on the table too.


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I shared the Paella with a friend.  It is on the main menu but it is too big for one, particularly if you start with a few tapas and want to end with churros. And who doesn’t want to end with churros?

To be honest, if you go to a Spanish restaurant, or to Spain for that matter (yep there I go again) pacing your meal so that you can still fit a few morsels of crunchy churros dipped in thick melted chocolate is an essential skill.  That’s what I need to practice.


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*That’s a lie. I love gloating.

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4 thoughts on “Geelong – Black Bull Restaurant and the art of fitting in churros.”

  1. Jealous of your impending trip to Spain Bianca! Barcelona is on my list of must see cities soon.
    Really made me laugh that your friend was so honest about not wanting to share her favourites seeing as Tapas is such a sociable sharing cuisine.
    Trying to remember some of the Spanish I learnt a couple of years ago as I love the Spanish culture, and of course churros!

    1. I can’t wait to go. We are going to be in France mainly so I’ve tried to learn a little French but I just can’t learn 2 languages at once.

  2. I don’t know how good the churros are at the black bull (I may need to go and try them myself ),but I make them myself and everyone that taste them tell me they are great and they never had better ones anywhere.

    1. I love churros but I think that learning to make them at home could be a little bit dangerous. At least if I have to go out for them they are a special food that I can only eat occasionally.

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