Geelong – Cadel’s Corner

Cadel's Corner


It’s taken a few years, spray paint, dedication, multiple trips to Bunnings and some low level stalking of a cycling great but we did it. We named a corner in a UCI World Tour cycling race.


The turn from Hyland Street onto McCurdy Road at the top of the cement works hill has now been named (by us, did I mention we named it?) Cadel’s Corner.

Cadel's Corner

Its first incarnation was a “Farewell Cadel” sign made from a repurposed painting drop sheet.

The following year the same sign couldn’t be used. Well Cadel Evans had already been farewelled so it didn’t really make sense. And the sign had been returned to its original function and was covered in random paint splotches.

Cadel Evans Road Race 2017

There was some debate about what the new sign should say, newbie Celeb Ewen almost got a mention, but Cadel’s Corner won out in the end.


But every time the TV coverage got to the precipice of the ‘cementies’ hill they would cut to an ad break.

Cadel's Corner

So we had to get serious about Cadel’s Corner. And that meant accostering the voice of cycling Phil Liggett when he was trying to use a portaloo in South Australia.


He’d spent hours on live TV calling a stage of the Tour Down Under and he ever so politely told us of his need to spend a penny.   So we waited for Phil to finish then told him we needed him to tell the TV crew not to cut to an ad right at our sign. Surely that would work. But still nothing.

Phil Liggett


This year however we finally succeed. Thanks to a fortunate breakaway that was almost caught on the horrible hill TV coverage stayed on the sign. The corner was even named by the commentators.

Even 3 times Tour De France winner Chris Froome slowed down to get a better look at the sign*.




*Chris might have had a puncher but he still definitely saw the sign.

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