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I’m rather proud of this blog post’s title.  My clever use of alliteration works if you correctly pronounce the name of this Vietnamese national dish or if, like me, you completely butcher the enunciation.  I don’t even bother trying to say it correctly anymore.  I used to run my top teeth along my bottom lip and speak from the back of my throat in an attempt to create the correct tonal range for the ‘fehr’ but I would just end up dribbling a bit of spit out of my mouth and no one would know what I was on about. So now I just say ‘foe’. Mispronunciation is less embarrassing than dribble.




And pho is the only thing that I have ever ordered at Bay City Noodles & Café.  Actually I’m even more specific than that. Pho with sliced beef is the only thing that I have ever ordered.  One day I’ll change it up and go for the chicken but I am unlikely to ever order my soup with any other organ in it.




Ben has been making his way through the brothy options but seems to have settled on the beef laska as his soup of choice. He is rather impressed by the fact it has two types of noodles in it.




Well I haven’t been completely truthful. It is as impossible for me to go out for Vietnamese without ordering a starter as it is for me to speak in a tonal language.  I always get a serve of rice paper rolls with pork and prawn.  They come with hoisin and a dash of chilli and Ben and I compete for the lion’s share of this tasty sauce.




For years after moving to Geelong there were some things that we felt we had to drive to Melbourne to get. Cheap Vietnamese banquets on Victoria Street, cosy bars with mismatched op shop furniture, wog staples like slabs of pasata and tins of sheep milk feta all meant a trip up the highway.   (I’ll admit that I still drive to Melbourne for a fix of dumplings)

But now that I have found pho on Ryrie Street I have one less excuse to make the trek up to the big city.



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