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I haven’t always loved beer. There was a time, let’s call it adolescence, when my palate preferred the sickly sweet and luridly coloured vodka concoctions that were so popular at the time.  To be fair I never hated beer, but it wasn’t my first choice of beverage either.
I made a conscious decision to change that in my first year at uni. Spirits were not only too expensive but they just weren’t cool like drinking beer was.  So I sat in the bar at Monash University and drank Cooper’s Sparkling Ale until I liked it. It’s true that you have to develop a taste for beer but it can be done in one afternoon of solid effort.
Now I love beer, so much so that I attend festivals in its honour like the recent Geelong Beer Festival.  I spent a sunny afternoon at the Geelong Racecourse sampling brews from micro and boutique brewery, some local and some from across Australia.
These were my favourites on the day.  
~ Two Birds – Sunset Ale
Two Birds Sunset Ale was so popular that they ran out of the brew early in the afternoon.  This then caused a run on their other beer, a pale ale, which quickly ran out as well. Unsurprisingly Two Birds won the most popular award for the day. 
Jayne makes beer.  When I grow up I want to be Jayne.
We had a chat to the co-owner, Jayne who had previously worked for an old favourite of mine Little Creatures. She let us in on the inner workings of the festival like how much they were paid for each token from punters and in return we heaped praise on her for her superior beer making skills.
~ True South – The Angry Argie
This was a strange one; but strange in a good way.  It was full of flavours that you wouldn’t expect in a beer but as it was a long day out in the sun I can’t remember what those flavours were anymore.  Oh well, that sounds like an excuse to go out a buy a 6 pack.   But it’s a seasonal brew so I better hurry.
~ Mountain Goat IPA
Mountain Goat has been a long-time favourite, ever since it first appeared on tap at the Corner Hotel in Richmond.  Their Indian Pale Ale was a flavoursome, hoppy beer and I’m sure I’ll be buying a 6 pack of it as well in the near future.
~ Hawthorn Brewing Co. Amber Ale
Ok so I got in the line for the Hawthorn Brewing Co. because the line for Red Duck was too long.  But I’m glad I did.  They made a great amber ale and I better get a 6 pack of that as well.
Yes there is a theme. I like ales ok?  
~ Mango & Pineapple cider
So I hate to admit this but I really can’t remember who made this one.  I did however remember where the stall was so I was able to find my way back there a few times at the end of the afternoon for a refill.
Yes even after training my palate to enjoy the bitterness of beer I still don’t mind swapping to a sweeter tipple in the late afternoon.

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