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This month saw the return of an event that has been raised to mythical status with my Geelong born and bred friends.  For many years Ben and his friends have reminisced about the great times they had in their teens watching the speed trials at Eastern Beach and they have shared their disappointment at the event’s demise in the 1990’s.
This December the event returned to the Geelong waterfront as Geelong Revival. The free event was held over two days and included classic car displays, markets and live music but it was the time trials held along Eastern Beach Road that attracted the biggest crowds.
I’ve already discussed my complete disinterest in cars in this post about the Yarrawonga Car Show. But my own lack of familiarity is counterbalanced by my car loving friends’ knowledge as demonstrated by a game we played which I will unimaginatively dub, ‘What is this blurry car?”
As always when there are cars about I amuse myself by taking photos. So while Ben and his mates paid close attention to each car waiting to take part in the time trial I perched myself on the glassed hill above Eastern Beach and practised taking arty blurred photos of the cars as they took off from the start line.  

So here is the game…
What is this blurry car?
It’s this one. I still can’t tell you what it is even though this photo is perfectly crisp.
And what sort of car is this?
It’s this one!  A Daytona something or other. I know that from the personalised number plate.   
What about this blurry car?


I’m not telling. You’ll just have to ask someone who knows about cars. 

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  1. You move the camera along with the car, hold down the button and hope! There are plenty where everything is blurry but a few good ones. Thank goodness for digital. I could never afford to do it with a film camera.

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