Geelong – Jinxproof Tattoos and getting tattooed by the world’s most tattooed man.

It wasn’t really jealousy. I wouldn’t say that I was envious.  But I am willing to admit to an acute case of FOMO (fear of missing out).  
A few weeks ago I accompanied my husband, Ben, when he got his first tattoo.  It was a bastardised version of my name, a ship anchor with an old English letter B at the top. B anchor, get it?



The B anchor started out as a drunken joke.  Drawn on Ben’s forearm with a texta by a friend with not only dubious artistic talent but poor fine motor skills.  But while the texta washed off, the idea stuck.
The artist who inked this joke into permanency knew a thing or two about tattoos.  Lucky Diamond Rich works at Jinxproof Tattoos and since 2006 he has held the Guinness World Record for being the world’s most tattooed man. Every part of his body is tattooed. Yes that’s right… all of it. I know this, not because I asked, but because I read it on Wikipedia.  I know I’m forthright, but I just couldn’t ask that.
But back to my FOMO.  I played the part of a good wifey to Ben while he had his B anchor etched into his skin, getting him snacks and keeping him company but really I was looking through books and magazines for my next ‘piece’.
I picked out a few photos as inspiration and Lucky came up with a design for me.  The next weekend I was back at Jinxproof for my own inking.  
Watching Lucky prepare to start on my tattoo it struck me that his affable nature soon makes you forget that you are chatting with a man who is one big picture. In fact he’s a bit of a geek, a tattoo geek, who wears glasses and a head torch while he works.
Somehow despite already having two tattoos I had truly forgotten about the pain.  I immediately regretted telling Ben during his tattoo the previous week that it didn’t hurt that much. It took 5 and a half excruciating hours for the Japanese Koi, flowers and waves to become a permanent addition to my body. 
While I wasn’t game enough to ask about the more delicate parts that had to be tattooed for Lucky to achieve world record status Ben wasn’t so reluctant.  He asked Lucky what the most painful part to get tattooed was.
But I’m not going to share the answer. You’ll have to get your own tattoo if you want to find out. 

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