Geelong – Texas Hamburgers

Dear Texas Hamburgers,
I just want to say thanks.
Thanks for never getting upset when I arrive at 2am and can’t decide what I want out of the Bain Marie.  Then still not getting upset when I can’t remember how to work my purse and I hold up the line while trying to get my money out. But then I’m sure that you appreciate that this gives my husband time to double our original order.
Thanks for the lamb souvlaki last Friday night. So much lamb, so much garlic sauce.  It was the best souvlaki I’ve ever had.  My friend suggested that I try one in the afternoon instead of in the early hours of the morning before I declare it to be the best ever but I don’t care for his logic. I’m sure it saved me from a horrible day after and for that I’m thankful.
 Though I did drip a lot of it on the couch. Do you have any tips for removing garlic sauce stains?



Thanks for the crunchy-coated chicken wings, the chips and gravy, the pizzas and of course the burgers.
Thanks for putting on extra garlic chicken Kiev balls. They may not look like much sitting under the harsh light of the warmer but they can soothe a tired soul and settle a troubled stomach like no other take away food can.
While we are on the subject of Kiev balls I want to say thanks for helping me get my husband home from the work Christmas party last year. With not a taxi to be seen I used the power of the Kiev to lead him on the long walk home, doling them out at strategic points along the way. I fear that without those crunchy balls of buttery, garlicy goodness we may have waited in vain all night for a cab that was never going to eventuate.
Most of all, thanks for staying open 24 hours a day.
Just knowing that you are there is a comfort to me. 
Love Bianca 

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