Geelong – The 2012 Geelong Cup

Some people get excited about Christmas Day. Others can’t wait for New Year’s Eve to roll around.  But I get excited about a day that is just for Geelong. My favourite day of the year is Geelong Cup Day.
This year my Geelong Cup Day was a little different. I had, for the first time at this racecourse, secured a ticket to a corporate tent.  This changed a few things about the day.



My betting strategy, which had served me well for the past 8 years at the Geelong Cup was completely out the window. A race book was included with our corporate entry so instead of watching the horses parade around the mounting yard and selecting my mark based partly on their demeanour, I chose based only on form.
Ok; so if you had read my post from the 2011 Geelong Cup you might remember that I had a form guide then as well.  The main reason that I used only the race book this year was so that I could stay close to the bar.  Getting a glass of champers in the tent was as simple as walking up to the bar and asking. No lining up and no hunting around in my handbag for change. I asked, they gave. Brilliant!
However having a spot in a tent meant that I didn’t see as much of the horses, which kind of defeats the purpose of going to the races in my opinion.  I must say that it amused me that the corporate tent area was so well fenced off from the track. Unlike in the public area where you can hang over the fence and shout encouragement (or give much needed career advice to a failing jockey) the corporate tent area is enclosed with a high white cyclone wire fence.  You just can’t trust people when there is an open bar.
I did manage to get out and see some of the steeds on their way to and from the start line but the lure of the open bar, not to mention platters of cheese and crackers, was too much for me and I didn’t spend anywhere near enough time enjoying the spectacle of race day.
I defiantly saw fewer horses at the 2012 Cup and I defiantly drank more sparkling wine but I also unquestionably won more money. Enough to take my husband out for dinner, buy him the portable BBQ he was eyeing off and all with change to spare. So maybe betting purely on form is a good thing.


And while Christmas Day has Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve has New Year’s Day on which to recover, Geelong Cup Day is merely followed by Thursday. And after a day at an open bar it was a long and difficult Thursday.

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