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Kids love spinning around and around in circles. You see them at parties whirling and twirling until it all becomes too much for them and they fall over in a giggling heap.
As adults we have other methods for inducing such a feeling of lightheaded cheerfulness.  And as I had spent the evening before doing just that I flatly refused to get on the carousel on the Geelong waterfront with my friend’s 3 year old daughter.
The fully restored 1892 Armitage-Herschell carousel occupies pride of place on the Geelong waterfront protected by a futuristic glass pavilion.  Of its 36 horses, 24 are actually original.  But don’t feel jibbed if you get a new bobbing horse. Such was the commitment to the carousel’s renewal that the replicas were crafted in the same manner as the originals. Even using imported coach wood from the United States.  I challenge you to spot the difference.
It took over two years to complete the restoration.  Two shabby looking unaltered horses are also on display to demonstrate the hours of work that went into the project.
The carousel can be rented out for functions and it makes a spectacular backdrop for wedding photos.  It seems every weekend there are tables spread with fairy bread and a clown making balloon animals for a kid’s birthday party.
A little known fact about the carousel is that it was the site of the infamous Price – Gravina pirate themed wedding in 2009 where the bar staff, not taking heed of the warnings, had to restock on beer from a local bottle shop, not once but twice in a 5 hour period.  
Entry to the pavilion is free and a child’s ride costs $ 3.70. Adults are allowed to ride but I don’t recommend it after a big night. 

2 thoughts on “Geelong – The Carousel”

  1. What a great carousel. I never thought that loving that dizzy feeling as a kid was something to do with loving something similar from a night out. But it is probably true. All I know is that I can’t stand the twirling and other dizzy stuff I used to love as a kid

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