Geelong – The race that stops a regional town – The Geelong Cup

The second last Wednesday before the first Tuesday in November is almost upon us. It’s the race that stops a regional town.  It’s the Geelong Cup.

Every year around this time I start calling, texting and emailing my friends in Melbourne to encourage them to make the trek down to Geelong for this great day out. Every year they all promise to pull a sickie or take a day off and join me.  Then slowly one by one they all pull out. So this year to save myself some time and effort I’m inviting everyone by blog post.
Admittedly it is easier for me to attend the Geelong Cup than my friends in Melbourne because it is a public holiday in Geelong.  While people from around the world find it incredible that some Australians get a day off for a horse race what most don’t realise is that most regional towns in Victoria get their own cup day off as a public holiday.  But let’s face it, people in Melbourne pay no attention to what goes on in Geelong so if you were to have a sickie and turn up to work on Thursday looking a little worse for wear no one would ever suspect that you had attended a lead up race to the Melbourne Cup. After all the Spring Racing Carnival is all about Melbourne.
Don’t laugh, it really is a lead up race to the Melbourne Cup.  In fact last year’s winner of the Geelong Cup, Americain went on to win the Melbourne Cup 13 days later. But it’s not just about the horses.  What would a day at the races be without Fashions On The Field and a few bottles of sparkling? And just like the Melbourne races all the fillies leave carrying their high heels rather than wearing them.

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