Geelong – The Geelong Peace Memorial

IMG_4963_2 Geelong Peace Memorial

With ANZAC Day this week I was reminded of my visit to the Geelong Peace Memorial.

Located in Johnstone Park I was unaware that it even existed until one evening at the night market I was approached by a man who was inviting people in for a look. It seems I wasn’t the only one unaware that this place existed.  I had always assumed that the building was the Geelong Art Gallery and nothing more.

IMG_7188 Geelong Peace memorial

Completed in 1926 the monument was originally built to commemorate the fallen of the Great War however it was updated to include those from the Second World War. The foyer is solemnly lined with the names of the soldiers from the Geelong district.

IMG_4970_2 Lone Pine Jonestone Park


Directly in front of the staircase leading to the memorial are two Aleppo Pines.  These trees are direct descendants of the renowned Lone Pine that grew on the Gallipoli Peninsular, Turkey.  The Lone Pine was destroyed in the 1915 Battle named after it.  However soldiers took some cones as souvenirs and brought them back to Australia. Customs laws were a little more lax back then.

The Geelong Peace Memorial is open to the public on the first Sunday of every month between 12noon and 3pm. Entry is free.

IMG_4968 Geelong Peace Memorial

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