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We all have our favourite spots for after work drinks on a Friday night but during January and February there is another option; The Geelong Night Market.  For the past 4 years The Geelong Night Market has been held in Johnstone Park.  It’s a fun night out with a myriad of food options, a live band and refreshing beverages. Just don’t get peed on by the possum.  I’ll explain further along.
I’m happy to admit that everywhere I go and everything I do is all about the food so I set about sampling as many of the tasty treats on offer that I could fit in. The first thing that caught my eye was the sangria.  I purchased a large plastic cup of the Spanish beverage that was heavy on the spice, just the way I like it and moseyed off to see what else I could consume. A popular choice with the crowd was paper cones filled with fried calamari.  There was a bit of a wait on the calamari but this meant that it came out hot and fresh.
Clutching a cone of fried calamari and my cup of sangria I settled in on the grass to watch the salsa band. I’m not sure if they had a rent a crowd but there did seem to be a lot of people dancing and most of those people seemed to be able to dance well, even the men.  This struck me as very unusual but as I demolished my calamari in record time I was in need of more food so I couldn’t sit and ponder this for too long.
I was very conscious of the need to save room for churros, something that I have a bad track record with (see the Movida blog) and so this influenced my next choice. I also must admit that I did avoid the stalls with the long lines so I missed out on Nepalese dumplings which looked intriguing.   I chose the gozleme, a type of Turkish pizza or pancake stuffed with spinach, cheese and lamb and which I then smothered in garlic sauce.  They really shouldn’t leave the bottle there on the counter for people like me to use.  I then promptly dripped some down the front of my top.
Then it was time for the churros, long crunchy Spanish style donuts covered in sugar and cinnamon and served with chocolate dipping sauce. I was proud of myself for leaving enough room to actually enjoy it rather than forcing it down because it was so tasty.
One of the food options that I couldn’t fit in. A platter from the French food stall.
When drinking and shopping mix the results can be interesting. I resisted the urge to purchase soaps that looked like cupcakes and I even resisted the urge to buy real cupcakes. But I couldn’t help myself when I saw these succulents in Asian style pots.
I also ended up with this ring. I tried it on twice before asking the price. At only $10 it was a bargain and I’ve already had plenty of complements.
While enjoying my second sangria I spotted a free table amongst the food stalls. This was quite a rare find and I have to admit that I was very surprised to see a table without anyone sitting at it.  Of course there was a reason for this. Not long after settling in a stream of liquid fell from the palm tree above. I managed to miss most of the deluge but my friend sitting next to me wasn’t so lucky. The family at the next table were adamant that it was just water and if it was possum wee we would be able to smell it. I could smell it. It was wee and lady you were deluded and covered in possum pee.
There will be two more markets this year on Friday the 17th and Friday the 24th of Feb from 5.30pm until 10pm.   YAY!

More arty photos of my succulent.

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