Geelong West – Yodgee Shoes & why I’ll pay for good service

Online shopping has been in the news a lot recently with every man and his dog offering an opinion on why bricks and mortar retail is struggling and what can be done about it. I will fully admit that I walked into Yodgee with the singular intention of trying on a pair of shoes to test out my size in a certain brand and so that I could then buy the product on line. An hour later I walked out of there with 2 pairs of shoes, over $300 lighter and happy about it.

Yodgee doesn’t stock your traditional ‘beautiful’ shoes.  The type you love to look at on your shoe rack, on your feet in the mirror before a big night out and then on the floor under the table halfway through said big night out because they are too uncomfortable to wear for a minute longer and you really want to keep dancing. Yodgee stock funky shoes that you can actually leave on your feet all day and all night.  They stock Doc’s and Birkenstocks but in more styles than you can imagine and in a colour for every outfit.
So what persuaded me to drop over $300 on two pairs of shoes?  I’m sure you already know the answer; service.  Staff who are friendly without being overbearing, know what they are talking about and are happy to help. I spent an hour in the store, was surrounded by empty boxes as I tried on different styles and then each colour of every style that took my fancy.  I explained what I needed (shoes that looked nice but were comfortable for walking in all day on an upcoming holiday to Asia) Brands and styles that I had never even considered in the internet research were suggested and in the end purchased.
Maybe the issue is that retail is not considered a career in this country, it’s a getting by job that you take on the way to something better. Because of this both the career path and the people who take it are not afforded the respect and acknowledged for what they do.  We are not going to get good service until we start respecting the people who ‘serve’ us. 
After 3 months of wear the shoes have proven to be some of the most comfortable I’ve ever bought.  And yes Yodgee also have an online store but it’s not as much fun. 
Yodgee – Corner of Autumn St & Pakington St Geelong West.    

5 thoughts on “Geelong West – Yodgee Shoes & why I’ll pay for good service”

  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I have never seen Yodgee shoes, but I’m going to check to see if they have a branch in London. I’m looking for some fun and funky every day shoes. I don’t know how much $300 is, but if they’re ones I wear a lot I’m prepared to pay a little more.

  2. Hi Jenny. Thanks for commenting. I remember back when I had to travel all the way to London to buy funky printed Docs because all they sold in Australia was black and cherry. Comfy shoes are so important when jaunting about ☺

  3. HI Bianca,

    It’s with a sad heart I’m informing you (And your other readers) that Yodgee Geelong West has been closed down. As I’m sure you would understand it is a very competitive market. Yodgee have always strived to sell only high quality footwear with superior knowledgeable customer service. We will continue this journey but only at our Prahran and Hawthorn stores.

    Hope you can pop in sometime while visiting Melbourne!

    We do have our online store but I understand it can never be the same as purchasing shoes in person. We are happy to chat with you on the phone though to ensure you or anyone else can make an informed decision.

    Just shoot us an email via the contact page on the yodgee website.

    Thanks for your support!

    Yodgee Footwear Team.

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