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The smell of simmering chutney hit me as soon as I got out of the car.  That heady mixture of onion, spice and vinegar had me a little worried.  Were Beerenberg piping the sweet scent out of the chimney in a coy attempt to rumble the stomach and loosen the purse strings of innocent customers like myself?
Families were heading off into the strawberry fields to pick strawberries and I assume eat a few along the way.  Personally I wasn’t in the least bit tempted.  A three-day stint on a strawberry farm as part of my misspent early 20’s has cured me of the quaint idea of picking fruit.  I let others pick my berries these days. Encouraged by the chutney smells I headed straight into the store to get some of the ready-made stuff.
I needn’t have worried about a cunning plan on Beerenberg’s part.  The end of the shop is open to their production area and the tell tale splashes of sticky crimson sauce reassured me that they were in fact cooking up a batch that day.
Unfortunately for me back in my home state of Victoria it’s mainly the jams and a small selection of the most popular chutneys that are stocked in the supermarket.  I was rather jealous when I saw my favourite product, Cooper’s Ale Barbeque Sauce in a South Australian supermarket.  So I was keen to stock up on some of the more unusual products at the source.
A new product that I picked up on this visit was the African Spice Taka Tala Sauce and Marinade.  This is what I made with it for dinner a few nights ago.
Chicken Taka Tala with Vegetables and Quinoa
Beerenberg’s Taka Tala Sauce and Marinade
3 chicken breasts
A mixture of veggies from the fridge. I used onion, eggplant, capsicum, zucchini and tomato.
Slice up chicken breasts and marinate in Taka Tala sauce for as long as you can.

Fry until cooked.

Fry up veggies separately, when almost cooked add some Taka Tala sauce to taste.
Cook quinoa according to packet instructions.
Put on a plate.  Eat it.  It’s really simple, healthy and tasty.
I’ve worked out that I can make it another 2 times before I run out of sauce.  Although Beerenberg do have an online store where I can resupply safe from the scent of simmering chutney.

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