Hahndorf – The Hahndorf Inn Meter and Litre Challenge



I am in the midst of planning our South Australia summer caravanning holiday. This year the inclusion of Hahndorf has been contentious. We have been to this quaint town in the Adelaide Hills many times and always enjoyed ourselves but this year we have discussed staying by the coast for the majority of the holiday.
But all of this thinking about Hahndorf got me reminiscing about Ben’s triumphant glory at the Hahndorf Inn when he completed the pub’s metre and litre challenge.
The Hahndorf Inn tempts its patrons with 2 food challenges.
Australia’s biggest German hotdog is a bratwurst sausage in a meter long baguette topped with sauerkraut and served with mustard and completely superfluous chips.

The 1 meter char grilled bratwurst comes with 2 pretzels, sauerkraut and steamed vegetables. Because the bratwurst is coiled it does not look as impressive as the hotdog but it is the smart choice for a food challenge because you can easily dump the filling pretzels and concentrate on the meat.

If you complement your meal with a litre of beer and you finish them both and you can get a (kind of considering the meal costs almost $55) free t-shirt celebrating your digestive prowess. But you have to leave a deposit if you want to drink out of those showy litre steins. They must go walkabout quite often. More about that later.

Ben wisely chose the spiralled bratwurst. He scarified the pretzels, which truth be told were a smidgeon stale and concentrated on the meat. I helped out a little with the vegetables.


For my lunch I chose the Jagerbraten Hunter’s Roast, a German meatloaf with Rhine potatoes and, of course, sauerkraut. Although not a food challenge item this also proved to be a mammoth meal. I didn’t waste valuable stomach space on the pretzels either.
I can’t help but think that sharing one of the food challenge meals between two would be the sensible option and would also leave more room for greater consumption of the Munich Hofbrau house beers that the inn has on tap. But sensible doesn’t come into it when a food challenge gauntlet is thrown down.
Of course after consuming a meter of sausage, well over a litre of beer and then much wrangling over what size t-shirt was needed we forgot to collect the deposit we’d left for the stein.
It was not until we were walking around the town that we realised that we had returned the stein but not been given back the deposit. The lady behind the bar was dubious of our claim but she grumpily gave in and handed back out money.

So the moral of this story is that I feel that we have conquered the township of Hahndorf but Ben wishes to return and rub salt into their wounds.
If Hahndorf makes the itinerary for our 2014 trip I’ll be keeping a close eye on those German beer wenches and making sure I get my deposits back.


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