Hahndorf – The Santos Tour Down Under & why the lycra brigade do it

The 2nd stage of the Tour Down Under this year made it’s way through the historic German town of Hahndorf. In anticipation of a big day of beer drinking and sausage eating Ben and I responsibly caught the bus into town.
During the bus ride there we passed many lycra clad bike riders. I commented to Ben that I was glad we did not, as I had first suggested, ride our bikes there. Although the trip was only 7 kms from our campsite in neighbouring Mt Barker I conveniently forgot when looking up the route that we were in the Adelaide Hills, an area so named because of the hills.  The short trip looked like a struggle for even the seasoned riders.
When we got into town we quickly nabbed a table out the front of the Hahndorf Inn.  A number of these lycra clad riders has also set up there and were enjoying coffees after a morning ride. But I noticed that many were ordering something else.
They were ordering CAKE, lots of it, with abandon. It came smothered in wiped cream and they didn’t care. They just ate it and chatted away to their lycra attired friends like it was normal.
But it’s not normal. No; it’s not normal to be able to eat cake AND wear lycra. But if you punish yourself riding up hills, day in and day out then you earn the right to wear clothing way too tight to be considered appropriate for your age group and eat apple strudel with whipped cream.
That’s why they do it.  Not to annoy registration paying car drivers but for the guilt free apple strudel and full fat cream.
And that’s why I need to start riding my bike again.
P.S. I took a sneaky photo of this jersey at the pub in Willunga a few days later. I think it proves my point perfectly. The tag line reads, ‘An eating club with a cycling disorder’.

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