Inverleigh – Gladioli Restaurant & the misadventures of Bubble-Boy


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Who actually likes foam?

There are a few select situations in which I like foam.  I enjoy sipping on a latte with a frothy top, I like bubble baths…  Sorry, that’s all I can think of. And one of those things isn’t even something that you’d eat.

Foam is considered a trendy culinary addition in some circles but personally I’m not a fan. So when entrée arrived with a frothy substance liberally applied I thought to myself, ‘This meal is going to be wanky’. Poor choice of words, I know. I attempted to taste the foam to see if I could discern any particular flavour but my tastebuds are not that astute.

By a process of elimination, utilising the many food allergies of my friend, bubble-boy Joe, we decided that the foam was the apple component of the salad. Yes, Joe is allergic to apple and the staff at Gladioli took his strange assortment of food allergies a lot more seriously than what I usually do and kindly omitted it from his meal.

So while the foam was, in my opinion superfluous, that is where my criticisms end.

Under the foam was a quinoa salad with poached prawns and crab.  Quinoa is my new favourite superfood and I’ll sing its praises and email recipes to anyway who merely mentions keen-wa. I’m also a big fan of crab when I don’t have to shell it myself.

This is how good the duck was.
This is how good the duck was.

My friend Jess to my left was served the duck, perfectly pink; she let me have a little slice.  I feel for Jess because she is bubble-boy Joe’s betrothed and has to cope with not only his food allergies but also the results of him ignoring his food allergies often. I was glad that she got the fanciest of the entrees. My poor husband Ben, he’d swapped seats with Jess so we could chat and was served a salad at the seat she should have occupied.

 IMG_6849 Sean and kylie

At this point I should probably mention that I was at Gladioli for the wedding of my friends Sean and Kylie.  Thanks for the booze and chow guys. Awesome wedding!

Anyway… Mains.

Ben lucked out again and got the chicken which he said was nice but it couldn’t have been as good as my crispy skinned salmon on a bed of white beans with tiny bits of chorizo sausage mixed through.

IMG_6871  Gladioli

Jess was served the rolled lamb, again in the seat Ben should have been in. It came with chickpeas and was delicious.

IMG_6870 Gladioli

Ben consoled himself with a never emptying glass of beer, courtesy of the very attentive wait staff.  He also amused himself by ensuring that bubble boy, who was not going to get sick from consuming an item from the extensive list of foods that turn his bowels inside out, would in fact be sick from keeping pace with him. The issue… he drinks wine.  Yes bubble boy Joe is also allergic to beer.

IMG_6913 Gladioli

Dessert was one of my favourite types of food, mini food (aka petite fours). Platter after platter of bite-sized desserts were served to the tables and included spoons of chocolate mousse topped with honeycomb, teeny serves of pav and even smaller than usual macaroons.

Here is the groom, Sean, looking a lot more relaxed than he did earlier in the day enjoying dessert with both hands.
Here is the groom, Sean, looking a lot more relaxed than he did earlier in the day enjoying dessert with both hands.


So while Ben, due to his gracious offer to swap seats got the raw end of the set menu deal, I’m choosing to see it as an excuse for a return visit.  For his sake I hope there is duck on the menu next time.


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