Lorne – A weekend away at the Cumberland Resort

IMG_0570 Cockatoos Lorne
It was one of those ‘first 100 callers get a special price’ TV promotions that provoked this impromptu getaway.  Although Lorne is less than an hour away it is probably a place where we only go twice a year. The deal meant that we got two nights for the price of one at the Cumberland Resort.
The Cumberland Resort is a behemoth of Lorne.  It dominates the street view of Lorne, situated at the end of the main street, just before the iconic Lorne Hotel.  The Cumberland is often the main evidence sighted by the ‘Lorne isn’t what it used to be’ brigade as the downfall of the town.  It’s big, its design is overwhelming of the streetscape and it did pave the way for other multi room accommodation of its type.  But I have to say, the view from the top is grand.
What the Cumberland has got going for it, other than its great view across the Lorne bay, is a spa in every room, manicured gardens with rotundas and barbeques and an indoor heated swimming pool. You might be on a beach holiday but in southern Victoria an indoor pool could be called for even at the height of summer.  It also puts you right in the centre of the action, literally across the road from the iconic Lorne Pub.
It also has a flock of friendly cockatoos that must stalk the balconies because as soon as you step out the sliding door a scout cocky lands on the railing. Start feeding it the complementary biscuits that sit next to the tea and coffee and a few of his friends will turn up for a feed as well. Obviously used to being feed by hand the cockatoos will politely take biscuit pieces from your hand and sit on the railing munching away.
The Cumberland is currently for sale. Each individual unit is on the market and prices vary depending mainly, it seems, on the view.  We checked out the real estate open unit. Turns out the unit that we stayed in was up for just shy of 300,000.
After being pulled in by the sales pitch which included estimates of rental incomes we indulged in a fantasy of owning a little piece of Lorne. Not the beach shack that usually dominates my daydreams, but a duplex that would make me money.  Swimming in the cold Southern Ocean we did the sums and worked out that no, we couldn’t afford it and would be infinitely better off just visiting from time to time.

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