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I’ve taken quite a liking to those group-buying sites recently and although I’ve had some issues (like businesses going bust before I could redeem my voucher) I am still a sucker for a bargain. 
A couple of months ago I purchased two vouchers for a walking photo tour of Melbourne with Australian Photo Tours.
There were two options for using the voucher, creative composition and creative exposure.  I chose the creative composition course because I’m fairly confident with fiddling around with the manual exposure settings on my DSLR.
So at stupid o’clock on Saturday morning my photography buddy Jon and I headed up the highway from Geelong to Melbourne.
Jon being arty. See it’s not just me!
I could write about what we did on the tour but let’s face it; it’s the photos that are going to really tell the story of what I learnt.
Here is my interpretation of what I took away from the creative composition course.
Rule of Thirds
I’ve always known that if you put the subject of your photo over to one side it looks more arty, what I didn’t know was that this technique has a name; the rule of thirds.
Even Michelangelo used the rule of thirds, but I’m assuming he also knew what it was called.
Obviously there’s colour in photos.  However I’ve never given much thought to the moods that different colours convey or how focusing on just one colour in a photograph can evoke a feeling in the viewer.
Melbourne’s graffiti strewed laneways were the perfect place to apply this new found knowledge to my photography.
Nope, never thought about texture before… But this is what happens when I do think about it.
I find something soothing in reoccurring patterns.  I could spend all day photographing lines converging in the distance.
But perspective is about more than calming lines. It’s also about looking at things from a different angle.  I waited for ages to get this shot of rowers on the Yarra River.   
Random photos that don’t really fit into any of these categories but I like them anyway
So while I may have been aware, either consciously or sub-consciously, of the elements taught in this tour I generally didn’t give much conscious thought to using them in my photography beforehand.
Australian Photo Tours

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