Melbourne – Hosier Lane


Everyone knows about Melbourne’s labyrinth of laneways filled with funky bars, strong coffee and hole in the wall, take a map to get there restaurants.  But there is another reason to explore Melbourne’s laneways, the artwork.
Hosier Lane, between Flinders Street and Flinders Lane, across the road from Federation Square is a cobblestoned evolving gallery of street art that never closes and doesn’t charge admission.
Every available reachable space is covered including rubbish bins and the thin bars of gates.  The artwork that adorns the walls of Hosier Lane is not just created with paint on brick work.   Some of the works are created using stencils, old beer cans or with printed pages glued to the brick work.  
The City Lights Project has 12 light boxes installed on the wall of the laneway.  The project, which began in 1996, has put the work hundreds of artists on display. The light box exhibitions change every 10 weeks so it is worth visiting often to see what new.    

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