Melbourne – How exciting can Twenty20 Cricket get?



What do celebrities, fireworks and motorbikes all have in common? Cricket apparently. And you thought cricket was boring. Well the T20 Big Bash League is doing its best to convince the world otherwise.


This season we made it to two Twenty20 matches.


The first was the Melbourne Renegades verses the Melbourne Stars.  Played on a Saturday night, the derby attracted a large crowd creating a thrilling atmosphere.  But a buzzing crowd and people playing sport is not enough for twenty20. They have to make things more exciting with two ramps and motor-cross riders doing insane tricks both before the game and again at half time.




Just letting the athletes play the game is too passé for Twenty20.  This season there is the celebrity catcher.  Seated alone on a platform in the crowd the celebrity is tasked with catching a ‘6’ if it happens to come their way to win a home viewer a huge cash prize. Personally I couldn’t think of anything worse than having to maintain concentration for a whole cricket match, even a shortened version of the game. Plus I can’t catch. In fact when a ball came towards me I hid behind my friends.




Although motor-cross tricks are now part of the pre-game and half time entertainment at Melbourne Star contests I’m disappointed that they have not worked out a way to seamlessly weave motorbikes into the fabric of the Twenty20 game like they have with the celebrity catcher.  They just aren’t trying hard enough.




Nothing says ‘excitement’ like pyrotechnics. They go off whenever the home time score a four, six or get someone out. Except, we learnt on Total Fire Ban days.




The second match that we saw was on one of Melbourne’s many 40 plus degree days and with the temperature at 47 degrees inside the stadium a pyrotechnics display was the last thing I wanted to see (or feel).




What we did get to see though was the Sydney Thunder’s first win.  In conditions that were better suited to cake baking than sport playing the Thunder triumphed over the Renegades. Maybe the Renegades missed their pyrotechnics spurring them on.



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