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Firstly I would like to say thank you to Vanessa.  Taking a break from cubical life one afternoon we were discussing restaurants that we would like to try and the Spanish restaurant MoVida was decided on.  We checked out diaries and eventually found a free weekend for us both, about 2 months in advance.  The booking was made and the date was set until a few days later Vanessa realised that it was actually her son’s second birthday party the following day.  Weighing up the importance of her first born child against the culinary delights of MoVida she decided to change her son’s birthday party. He was only turning two, he’d never remember. Eventually guilt got the better of her and she pulled out. But enough about Vanessa’s organisational skills and maternal instincts.   A Friday night booking at MoVida can never be given up so I invited along another couple of friends to fill the booking and we went along for a night of red wine and tiny tasty delights.
Movida is the essence of cool. Located on the graffiti covered Hoiser Lane it was opened in 2003 and has been getting rave reviews ever since.   Once we were seated the lights were dimmed creating a cosy and intimate atmosphere. This accounts for the fact that I have no worthy photos of the food we ate to post with this blog. 

The staff at MoVida walk along the fine line of attentive service like funambulists.  Friendly and always there when you want them without hovering annoyingly.  The waiter even recommended a second bottle of wine and allowed us to try it before we agreed to purchase the bottle.
The Anchoa takes the prize for the best thing that I’ve even had the pleasure of tasting. I could call it an anchovy on toast with ice-cream, something that only a pregnant lady in the throes of a major craving frenzy would find appealing but instead I’ll try to do a better job of describing it. The menu calls the toast a crouton, the anchovy beared no resemblance to the furry fillets found on pizza but was a small fillet of fish. However what made the dish amazing was the smoked tomato sorbet. Eaten in only one bite it was crunchy, salty, smoky and cold. It was a shock to the senses.  
Other standouts include the Bistec Tartar de Wagyu, steak tartar served with a quail egg and the Carrillera de Buey, braised beef check with cauliflower puree. The thing about MoVida is that because the individual tapas items and the raciones items (larger serves designed for sharing) are all small it encourages you to keep ordering. And that is exactly what we did. Watching other dishes land on the tables around us, induced extreme fomo (fear of missing out).  
I was acutely aware throughout the meal that I needed to save room for the churros. I’m not usually one for desserts but I was determined to try these. I threw a deep breath for encouragement and managed to eat half of one, crunchy and coated in cinnamon which I dipped in the rich hot chocolate which was thick like a sauce. My food coma was complete. 


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