Melbourne – One very noisy picnic – The V8 Supercars at Sandown




Looking back over my past blogs you’d be forgiven for making the assumption that I enjoy motorsport. After all my somewhat sporadic posts of the past year have included the Melbourne Grand Prix and the Geelong Revival Motor Festival.  And this post is about the V8 Supercars at Sandown.  Yes it definitely seems like I enjoy watching cars go fast.

But how I ended up on a grassy hill, deep in suburban Melbourne watching cars go around in circles has more to do with really liking my husband and being really bad at birthday presents than any love of shiny cars.




The purchasing of thoughtful and fun birthday presents is Ben’s forte. Me, well, until this year my best effort was a set of steak knives. They were a fancy brand in a wooden block, but still, not awesome.  This year I was determined and after racking my brains I came up with the idea to buy tickets to the V8’s.  Nothing says I care as much as agreeing to spend a day doing something boring to keep a loved one company.


So that’s how I came to be at Sandown on a Sunday afternoon when I really should have been studying (the reason this blog has been so woefully neglected in recent times).




So what does a non-motoring enthusiast have to say about the V8 Supercars at Sandown? To me it was like a very noisy picnic. We bought a car parking ticket that allowed us to park on a patch of grass, over looking the track and packed a portable BBQ and an esky full of goodies.




So I spent the day eating snacks, listening to the roar of V8 engines and feeling very sorry for the BOC team.


This is their car very early in the race.




Then this happened and I noticed that the car had already been gaffer taped back together. Ben didn’t seem to have a problem with gaffer taping cars back together in this context but if I put a few tiny little scratches under the door handle of my car, well, apparently that’s much worse. I don’t understand cars.




But then this happened and I thought maybe the BOC team weren’t having such a bad day after all.




All in all I like picnics and the noisy cars didn’t detract too much from my meal eaten on a grassy hillside on a Sunday afternoon so I guess that means that I enjoyed myself. But what really matters is that I bought the best birthday present this year.



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