Melbourne – The Butterfly House at Melbourne Zoo

Bright clothing and layers are the dress code for the Butterfly House at the Royal Melbourne Zoo.  That is of course if you want insects to land on you.
That’s right people, butterflies are insects; it’s just that they are pretty so we forgive them for this indiscretion.  Caterpillars we may curse when they take up residence in our veggie patches but when they transform into beautiful butterflies we ohh and ahh as they flutter about the garden.
Look at those beady eyes! It’s an insect.
Come to think of it I did not spot one caterpillar in the Butterfly House at the zoo but their more appealing winged elders were everywhere.   Do they keep the juveniles hidden so that we forget what butterflies once were? 
So I’ve covered why you should dress in bright colours but why dress in layers?
Well the Butterfly House is kept at a constant 28 degrees and is very humid to mimic the tropical environment that most of these butterflies inhabit in the wild.  Layers that can be easily removed are must if you want to spend a decent amount of time in there.
The big ticket item of the Butterfly House is the Ulysses Swallowtail. One of the largest flying insects in the display, its bright blue wings make it easy to spot. But while it’s easy to spot it is quite a bit more difficult to photograph.  Thankfully one landed on a friend’s bright pink jacket and stayed put long enough for me to snap a few shots using different settings on my camera.
Another good spot to photograph the butterflies are on the fruit and feeding trays set up amongst the foliage.   Out in the ‘real world’ it is difficult to get good shots of butterflies but with so many of them in the Butterfly House there is always one posing nicely for a photo.
That is of course if you like taking photographs of insects…
Don’t be fooled by those pretty wings. This is an insect!

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