Melbourne – The Formula 1 Grand Prix



Somehow I found myself at the Grand Prix this year. Watching cars go around and around in circles is not something that I generally enjoying doing with my limited spare time but this year I was talked into it by Ben.

We were joined by bubble boy Joe.  His favourite thing in the world is watching cars go around and around (followed by driving Volvos around and around followed by repairing Volvos that he has driven around and around).

Joe was very patient with my silly questions throughout the day and was particular helpful by pointing out things that were cool that I should be taking photos of.

I have no idea what is cool when it comes to cars. Like this car, I was instructed to take a photo of.  It’s ‘awesome’ because it is so low to the ground.




We arrived at the track at opening time and walked about all morning looking at apparently awesome stuff. When we got to the V8 pits Joe spent a ludicrous amount of time gazing into the Volvo garage. I was asking him my silly car questions but he wasn’t answering me.




To be fair I spent an inordinate amount of time staring at an attractive girl trying to work out why she was wearing a white dress and high heels in a car workshop. I couldn’t come up with a logical answer.




Then it was time to watch cars going around and around.  First the Porsche Carrera Cup race, then a speed test between an old formula 1 car, a V8 supercar and another car that I can’t remember anymore.




After that we made our way to the hill at turn 10, Ben’s favourite spot to watch the action.  I got my first look at the new formula 1’s and attempted to take part in a conversation about how the sound has changed this year because they have moved from a V8 to a V6 engine (I really hope that’s right).


OMG Joe! It’s a Volvo and it’s winning! (Not really, I just cropped out the cars in front)


Next up was the V8 supercar race. I know way more about the V8 supercars than I ever intended to know.  I’ve absorbed the information by osmosis over the years and I do fear that it is taking up valuable brain space. But have to give a shout out to Jamie Whincup for being the world’s most appropriately named racing car driver.




Qualifying started just as the grey clouds started to roll towards Albert Park.




One of the Red Bull Racing cars flew by and the crowd around me erupted in cheers and applause.

Me: “Why do we like him?”

Ben: “That’s Daniel Riccardio.”

Me: blank stare

Ben: “He’s Australian.”

Me: “Oh, Yeah Wooooo.”

Ben: “He replaced Webber.”

Me: “Why did they have to replace an Australian with another Australian?”

Ben: “They didn’t. It just worked out that way”

The next cheer from the crowd was when Vettel was knocked out of the second round of qualifying.  I didn’t have to ask why.  Even I know why we hate Sebastian Vettel.



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