Melbourne – The Royal Melbourne Zoo & Mali in the City

This post was inspired by Tash over at Jouljet.  Her post on the Mali in the City exhibition had me itching to get on a train up to Melbourne and discover the elephant statues, each painted by a different artist, scattered across the city for myself.
But unfortunately I was not quick enough and last weekend Tash tweeted that the Malis had all been moved to the Royal Melbourne Zoo in preparation for their auction
With a few busy weekends on the horizon I knew I’d have to make an effort to see the Malis before they were sold.
So last Sunday morning I was up at stupid o’clock and on my way to the zoo.
The Mali in the City but now at the zoo exhibition is part of the 150th anniversary celebrations of the Royal Melbourne Zoo. They will be on display until the 25thof October when they will be auctioned to raise money for conservation projects both in Australia and overseas.
All lined up together in the Carousel Park the herd of colourful of Malis looked magnificent.
Tash and I must have similar taste in fibreglass elephants because her favourites, the Wooly Mali and the Rusty Mali, also caught my attention.
My favourite though was the Mali self-portrait. Her first piece of artwork is sure to be popular with bidders Moneygram money order and raise plenty of cash to help to save her species.
If you are interested in seeing some real elephants the Thai themed Trail of the Elephants enclosure is where to head. There you can see famous Mali in the flesh, the first female elephant born in an Australian zoo. 

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