Melbourne – The Royal Melbourne Zoo

There will be a bit of a theme here at Day Jaunts over the next few months. You see a few weeks ago I accompanied my husband on a visit to a major electrical retailer. While he went off to find a cheap DVD player I went to have a drool over the DSLR cameras.  Stupidly I got chatting to the sales assistant and explained the issues I was having with my base model DSLR.  I knew how to work it, what all of the button and knobs mean and do but the issue was that the camera just didn’t have the features I needed. I had outgrown it.
I was intending to look, to plan, to save up and buy something later.
I walked out of there with a camera worth roughly the same amount as my first car.
But what does this have to do with the zoo?
Well of course I have been eager to try it out and take as many photos as possible.  Where better to try out a new camera than the zoo? So I snapped on my telephoto lens and headed down the highway.
The photos in this blog post are the results.


There were a few techniques that I was keen to try out to see if they would work for me.  This photo of the macaw was taken through a mesh cage.  Using a narrow depth of field I was able to make the mesh effectively disappear.
I have continued to haemorrhage money ever since my original purchase  There are back up batteries to buy, cool camera bags and an endless range of funky lenses.  
But one purchase that I am determined to make the most of is the Zoos Victoria membership that I bought on the way out the gate. It will get me into Werribee Zoo and Healesville Sanctuary for a full year and also come in handy on my upcoming road trip to South Australia where entry into the Adelaide Zoo and Monarto Zoo is also included.
What better ‘accessory’ for my new camera than a Zoos Victoria membership.

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