Melbourne – Young & Jackson’s Cider Bar & why I love hot alcoholic beverages



It’s spring in Melbourne and for the first few days of the season I felt sure that Mother Nature got the memo.  Melbourne was bathed in mid 20’s sunshine for the first few days of the season but it seems now we have returned to the gloomy Melbourne weather that the rest of the country heckles us for.



There was however a development on the Melbourne alcoholic beverage scene this past winter that almost made that season tolerable – hot drinks.

My first experience of hot alcoholic beverages was as a young backpacker at the Christmas market in Vienna.  There were a few stalls that seemed to attract more of a crowd than the others. They were serving gluhwein; a hot, spiced red wine in mugs decorated with Christmas motifs.  It was the perfect drink to sip in the snow and wrapping my hands around the mug warmed my frosty fingers.




So when I visited the new cider bar on the roof of Young & Jackson’s pub I couldn’t resist their offer of hot apple cider. It didn’t look like much (Ok it looked a bit like a beer mug of urine) but if I drank it with my eyes closed it tasted like hot alcoholic apple pie.  A touch of cinnamon made me think of the Viennese gluhwein of years ago.

The roof top bar lacks views but it is carpeted in artificial grass and the walls are painted up to resemble an apple orchard. It seems like a summer venue but the hot cider made sitting outside on a cold winter afternoon worth it.

Chloe might be cold in her birthday suit one floor below but with a mug of hot apple cider nestled in my hands I could almost enjoy winter in Melbourne.



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