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They say that golf is a good walk spoiled. Does that making fishing a good drinking session ruined?


Our bait trying to escape


I always say that I enjoy fishing but during my stay in the fishing hamlet of Nelson, where of the 4 retail shops the only one that doesn’t sell fishing bait is the pub, I’ve started to question whether it is the fishing that I really like.



I enjoy sitting by a riverbank sipping a cold beer while casing a line into the water. I’ll happily waste an afternoon on the beach with a surf rod in one hand and a scotch and coke in the other. I love cooking up the catch and eating my meal washed down with a nice bottle of sav blanc. I even like rugging up at night and sitting on a pier aimlessly throwing a line into the water while warming my bones with some Stone’s Green Ginger Wine. Yes there is a theme here.
It is possible that it is not so much the fishing that I enjoy. I find myself ridiculously frustrated when my line gets snagged. I’m not at all interested in trying new sinker, float and bait combinations. The only type of knot I know how to tie is a Double Crap Granny and if you can’t already tell that’s a made up name for my all-purpose knot.  If the fish aren’t biting I amble around taking photos of anything that looks mildly interesting rather than patiently waiting for the flicker at the end of my rod.
But despite all of this I know that I will continue to go fishing.  What other reasonably excuse does a grown adult have to be drinking Stone’s Green Ginger Wine? 
Random flower photo taken while fishing.
Mmmmm no photos of fish… 

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