Newtown – The Farmers’ Market and why I should not be allowed to buy anymore chutney.



Chutney, relish, pickles, fancy flavoured oils, exotic salad dressings. There is an assortment of open, part used bottles and jars in my fridge. Yet whenever I go somewhere and spy an artisan creation I still buy more, especially if it is on tasting.

I justify this purchase is a few ways. Helping small businesses, buying food isn’t a waste, it tastes awesome and I’ll never be able to find it again.

This is why I should never be allowed to go to the Newtown Farmers Market ever again. My photo should be given to the car park attendants along with my rego.  At a bare minimum I should have to prove that my fridge is chutney free before I’m allowed to enter.

The Newtown Farmers Market is held on the 4th Saturday of every month.  Thankfully for my waist line I often forget about it.




But Ben remembered the last market day and particularly wanted to visit the sausage man.  I’m not sure if it is rude to dub a stranger ‘sausage man’ or if I should be concerned about Ben being so keen to visit him but goodness they are good sausages.

After an unfortunate incident on our last market visit where the sausage man had run out of duck sausages we made his stall our first visit. This time Ben got a taste of the Hoisin Duck sausage but I had to take his word for it that it was good because he took that last piece.  We made off with Thai Chicken sausages, Thai beef sausages and some spicy Spanish chorizos as well.


IMG_7204_edited-2 downsized

Next stop was a shady looking guy standing in front of an ever growing pile of vegetable peelings. Ever a sucker for a new kitchen gadget I stopped and was instantly impressed.  This nifty device could peel pumpkin with ease, finely shred cabbage and … wait for it… peel tomatoes. Crazy! Before you ask, yes I have had to peel tomatoes before, when I made my own chutney.  Ben and I added to the pile of peelings and then purchased a blue gadget.




The chutney seller who got my cash this month was Moorish. The tastings sucked me in, but the recommendation on how to use the brinjal kasundi sold me (mix it with yoghurt and marinate chicken in it).  Then Ben put his order in and next thing I knew I was, once again, leaving a farmers market with jars of yummy goodness that would most likely sit idle in my cardboards for months.



Current tally of artisan products in my cupboards (including oils, salad dressings, relish, chutney and sauces):


Current tally of artisan products opened in my fridge (including sauces, mustard, marinated olives, chutney):



*Tallies do not include supermarket brands.


Newtown Farmers Market

Crn Shannon Ave & West Fyans St Newtown, Geelong

4th Saturday of the month

8 am – 1 pm


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