My name is Bianca and I’ve spent much of my life trying to work out how I can go on holiday forever.


I love holidays.  I know what you’re thinking, ‘Who doesn’t love holidays?’ but I really love holidays.  I spend most of my waking hours thinking about where I’m going to travel to next and what I am going to eat when I get there.


So what do I do when I’m on holidays?


Generally I eat and take photos.  Often I take photos of what I’m eating.




And that’s what I do here at Day Jaunts as well, except I’m not always on holiday.  The fact that I can’t be on holidays forever is one that I don’t really cope with to well. And that’s why I started Day Jaunts.  So that I could catalogue my little jaunts, close to home and pretend to be on holiday all the time.  Home is Geelong, Victoria, Australia, a not so little town across the bay from Melbourne.


So what do I blog about here at Day Jaunts?


Well mostly food, sometimes photography and random events that happen in my local area.



You may notice at Day Jaunts I often blog about sports. I don’t really like sports. I pretend to enjoy sports because it makes my lovely husband Ben happy and because sporting events are often great photo opportunities. And mostly where there is sport, there is beer.




Which brings me to beer.  You may also notice that I blog about beer a bit. In this case I’m not pretending. I’m a big fan of beverages in general. I particularly enjoy fancy boutique pale ales and Grenache but to be honest I’ll drink just about anything. That’s what being on holiday is about!


Sometimes I do jaunt a little further afield and since my husband convinced me to use our last tax return to buy a 1978 caravan (oh yeah he really twisted my arm) we often take off for weekends away.



So I hope you enjoy my little blog and if you have any ideas about how I can go on holidays forever please let me know.


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