Sydney – Running the City 2 Surf


That’s right RUNNING! The whole way! 14 kilometers of plodding (because my running style is hardly fluid and graceful) the roads from Sydney all the way to Bondi Beach.


I’d purchased my entry back in May and was pretty sure that I’d get enough training in before August. Back then I could confidently run 5kms and I thought that I’d train, ease up the Ks and be ready by the August 14 deadline.

But no. The cold Geelong winter got the better of me and along with a few lurgies and minor but niggling injuries the brakes were put on my training. It was only the weekend before the race that I ran my first 9 kilometers without stopping. “What’s another 5 on top of that ?” was the not overly inspiring pep talk I gave myself.

Version 2

So on race day I started with excitement and a fair dose of trepidation. I ran down William Street and started up the first hill. Then I realized that I needed to wee. I really needed to wee and I was less than kilometer into the race. But after a flabbergasted Ben told me that I couldn’t stop and assured me that my body would soon turn that excess fluid into sweat I concentrated on the rhythm of my sneakers hitting the road and just kept on running. And soon the feeling passed, replaced by various aches and pains in different parts of my body.

I took this pic while running to take my mind off wanting to wee.
I took this pic while running to take my mind off wanting to wee.


So the City 2 Surf taught me how to tame my nervous bladder. I also learnt a few other things from running 14 kilometers without stopping.

I learnt that chaffing happens in some very unexpected places. Seriously, who chaffs on their arm?



I learnt that running downhill, while not as painful as running up hill on the day, is actually much more painful the following day. Every step on 2 days following the race killed my quads.   I was actually afraid of stairs.

I learnt that 2 pints of cider is an acceptable recovery drink at 10.30am in the Bondi Pavilion.

Recovery drink
Recovery drink


And I think I finally learnt to take a good selfie.

City 2 surf selfie


I ran the City 2 Surf in 1: 37: 29. And Heartbreak Hill in 12: 39.

Here's the proof!
Here’s the proof!


But will I be beating my time in next year’s City 2 Surf? Hell no! I’m stopping on Heartbreak Hill for an Opera House selfie.


The finish line!
There it is – the finish line!



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