The Otways – Otway Fly Treetop Walk

I’ve already written a blog post about the Otway Fly Zip Line Tour, a flying fox through the treetops in the Otways forest. However if flying through the trees isn’t your thing a more sedate way to experience the forest is the Otway Fly Tree Top Walk.
The Otway Tree Top Walk is the highest and longest of its type in the world.  The walk is 1.9 kilometres long and the metal structure which takes walkers above the forest is 600 meters long.  It rises to 47 meters at the spiral lookout post. The tree top walk is at a gentle incline meaning that it is not physically taxing and the gradual rise helps to quell any fears of heights.  But you can still see past your feet, through the mesh to the forest floor.
For a slight adrenaline rush the cantilever has been designed to sway more in the wind and can be made to move about with vigorous jumping. Knowing that the structure could hold the weight of 14 elephants is a settling thought.
The walk offers plenty of opportunities for great photos with interesting ferns and fungi growing along the ground parts of the walk and tree top shots from the top.
So if the flying fox is too much excitement or if you just need to calm your nerves after it the Tree Top Walk could be just the thing.

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