Weekly photo – A hot air balloon over Dordogne



It’s an easy conversation starter that gets thrown out when travellers meet, the question, ‘What’s been your favourite bit so far?’

This pic demonstrates perfectly what I wanted to say.  I loved Dordogne.  It was like journeying through a fabulously catered, duck flavoured, fairy tale.   However by the end of my holiday I was editing this entire area out of my response. Why? Because I can’t pronounce ‘Dordogne’ and so no one had a clue what I was talking about.  I’d have to name towns in the area, describe its whereabouts in France and repeat over and over my poor interpretation of the region’s moniker.

But, dear reader, thankfully you can’t hear me butcher the beautiful French language here on my blog.  So I can say it again, I loved Dordogne.

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